I appreciate the unique. I like stories that haven't been done and redone a thousand times over. I strive to impart new ideas and concepts into my work that haven't been seen before. I feel cringey at starting four sentences in a row with the word "I", but I am doing it here in my About section anyway.

I like to mend philosophical concepts from Hinduism, Taoism, and other historical sources into contemporary and futuristic story-lines, where readers can not only be entertained by the plot, but benefit on a greater level by taking something away from the writing that enhances their own perceptions of reality. One should not be the same person when finishing a book that they were when they started it.

True horror arises from uncertainty and attachment, the fear of losing something we hold dear, whether that be our loved ones, our lives, or our sanity. Horror plunges us into the unknown, into the threatening, dangerous and evil forces that seek to consume us. Getting chased with a knife is scary, sure, but we've all seen that a hundred times. I like to go deeper than any knife can penetrate, down to the forbidden sub-levels of the human psyche where our true primordial fears reside. I like to touch the things that should not be touched.

Everybody likes spaceships and laser beams. I won't argue against that, but that's not my focus. I write science fiction because I like putting characters into positions where they have to deal with circumstances that no human has ever dealt with before. Some of my favorite things to read, as far as non-fiction is concerned, are books about disease and biology. Sometimes a science fiction story is waiting right there in the microbiological world if the author simply adds the words "what if..."

I like gritty realism. I like things visceral, tangible and unavoidable. I like the pungent smell of skunks in summer, the cold feel of polished metal against warm skin, the neon lights reflected in darkened lakes at four in the morning when the streets are dead and the howls of nocturnal animals cut through the dreams of the sleeping. I like my characters to struggle against the world and against themselves before they’re allowed to triumph.

You won't find dragons, elves or dwarves in my stories, but you will find all other manner of mythical beasts whose names are not known elsewhere. You'll find perilous adventure, characters with an emotional depth beyond simply being aligned as good or evil, and rich landscapes offering their own ancestral secrets yet to be discovered. I want to create worlds that not only would you like to visit, but from which you might not want to return.