Jim Johanson is a fiction author, ever eager to fall down the rabbit hole. Find sci-fi, horror, and fantasy reads below.


The Hill of Flies and Naked Corpses

Fiction   Horror   Short Novel

Dylan has stumbled onto something eerie and terrifying in the woods. Scenes from the apocalypse litter the landscape, leading up to an ominous hill and the ritual invocation site of a mysterious group of cloaked fanatics.

Scared off, Dylan may know well enough to leave the mystery alone, but his daughter, Jean, has other plans. Her curiosity gets the better of her. She finds herself wrapped up in an escalating predicament beyond her control when converging forces of darkness meet, threatening life and limb for all those involved.

Meet the face of terror by venturing to The Hill of Flies and Naked Corpses!

12,000 words, 41 pages.



Pollen, a Short Sci-Fi Story


Fiction   Sci-Fi   Short Novel

Joren's allergies are kicking into high gear, but there's something very unusual in the pollen this year, and it's got the residents of a lakeside town acting very strangely. His wife Ashley has become obsessed with a new tree that's sprung up in their backyard, and her own behavior is becoming increasingly erratic, almost as if some mysterious force has taken hold of her.

Uncover the sinister secret lurking among the trees by picking up Pollen!

6,195 words, 25 pages. Published 2017



Evelyn's Children Rural Horror Novel

Evelyn's Children

Fiction   Horror   Novella

Pain, sharp and searing like the feel of cold steel, aching like a buildup of flames internal, the Greer family is suffering. Billy has gone off wilder than usual on a gasoline huffing binge, and his behavior is becoming increasingly erratic. His Mother has gone mad, engulfed in a religious fervor, bedridden and refusing treatment for the chronic illness that has ravaged her body and mind.

It’s all that Mary can take just to care for her Mother, and now her brother Billy is becoming dangerously unstable. But like vultures encircling a dying animal, there are others who wish to prey on the vulnerability of the unfortunate Greer family with the most devious of intentions, leaving Mary as the fulcrum shouldering the weight of a scale of wanton chaos.

A feverish venture of terror and upheaval, discover the story of Evelyn’s children!

31,325 words, 123 pages. Published 2017.



The Seed Monster Sci-Fi Short Story

The Seed

Fiction   Sci-Fi   Short Novel

Little Teddy Winters is a curious boy. Surely he'd have to investigate a mysterious black pebble found in his backyard. Imagine his surprise when he finds the pebble able to move on its own, and his shock when he is bitten by the seemingly autonomous pebble. As retribution for the bite, Teddy decides to feed the strange pebble to his pet goldfish.

Eagerly gobbling up the pebble, the goldfish discovers that this is no ordinary fish food, and soon Teddy's whole family will become aware of the monster growing inside Teddy's pet goldfish. Get The Seed now to learn what disaster a simple goldfish can create when fed a highly irregular, unearthly diet.

9284 words, 37 pages. Published 2017



Kara's Window Sci-Fi Short Story

Kara's Window

Fiction   Sci-Fi   Short Story

Kara's dissatisfaction with herself, with her station in life, and with the world as a whole has got her attempting to withdraw completely. Any exit looks good, and Kara just happens finds one in the darkest corners of her imagination.

What first seems like an avenue toward inner peace becomes a nightmare when she realizes that she may not be able to return. Sometimes our strongest wishes become our own undoing. Find out if Kara can take back her wish in time to save her soul, by taking a look through Kara’s Window.

4,234 words, 17 pages. Published 2016.

Cover art by Kelsey Bowman



Food for Thought Prospective Fiction

Food for Thought

Fiction   Sci-Fi   Novel

If you can't afford food, do you give up and starve, or do you steal just to feed yourself? Or do you sign up for Agritecture's "Food for Thought" initiative, a program resulting from the government's allowance of privatized food stamp issuance? Do you allow a corporation to install nanomachines in your blood and your brain to harness your brain's electrical energy?

And what becomes of those people who refuse to succumb to starvation, but also refuse to take part in a Machiavellian corporation's desire to reign supreme over the sources of human nourishment?

In Food for Thought, a collective of hackers and ecoterrorists find an exploit in Agritecture's plan, though in doing so manage to cause potentially irrevocable harm to themselves in the process, resulting in a climactic battle of the individuals' souls versus the oppression of the conglomerate.

66,209 words, 264 pages. Published 2015.



Perfect Stranger

Fiction   Horror   Short Novel

Pending Release 2018


Neon Black

Fiction   Short Novel

Pending Release 2018


Savage Dawn

Fiction   Short Novel

Pending Release 2018