Jim Johanson is a multi-genre author with backgrounds in biology and psychology. His works of fiction typically follow strange or dark themes, interwoven with unusual philosophical concepts.

Johanson strives to bring a deeper element to his writing beyond providing straightforward entertainment, wherein the reader may feel compelled to question the nature of their own reality as they proceed through a story. This predilection is exemplified by Johanson's assertion that "One should not be the same person when finishing a book as they were when they began reading it."


MossHaven: Act I

Fantasy   Novel

Banished, imprisoned, and injured, the broken-winged Agrias is crestfallen and his situation is dire. But the cold silence of his prison cell has given him plenty of time to calculate escape and revenge with the aid of a mysterious bird crafted from his own flesh and blood.

Agrias' charisma and intellect have him collecting followers like a cult-leader, and now they're being prepared for revolution against the oligarchic, despotic Himerian empire.

Three bandits from the impoverished and exploited city of Gardara are about to unknowingly play a part in Agrias' master plan.

The grand cataclysm leading to Agrias' prison break reveals his willingness to use anyone as a pawn to further his own agenda, and his motives for toppling the corrupt empire may be less pure than he would have it seem.

The prison break results in a chain of immense consequences for those living in Himeria, Gardara, and elsewhere under the shadow of Mt. Caramat. To make matters worse, not everything contained in the prison is human. With the prison bars broken, accounts are now spreading of horrifying beasts spilling out across the countryside.

In a land of wonder and boundless mystery, the balance of power is about to shift. Looming dangers and powerful entities threaten to forever alter the destiny of MossHaven.

Discover the action, adventure and mystery of MossHaven by delving into MossHaven's Act One!

Part one of a three volume, epic fantasy series.

133 pages, 33,256 words.


Neon Black

Fiction   Short Novel

A cynical, embittered man undergoes heart surgery following injury sustained in a terrorist attack. Under anesthesia, he dreams of bizarre confrontations with lovers from his past in a surrealist odyssey reminiscent of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. The man's ghosts of the past demand retribution as he comes to realize that memories (and people) cannot always simply be buried and forgotten.

33 pages, 9,599 words.

"...this story was brilliant. Exquisite detail, very thought-provoking, and refreshingly unique."

-Reads & Reels. (Article)


NOPE: Horror Quarterly Anthology


TL;DR Press presents NOPE, a collection of spine-tingling tales that will keep you awake all night (and you’ll thank us for it!). All proceeds from our horror-themed 2018 Autumn Quarterly go to the Pilcrow Foundation, who provide quality, hardback children’s books to rural public libraries across the United States.

Contribution: The Lowland Hunger


Perfect Stranger

Horror   Short Novel

Driving home in a winter storm. Low visibility. Tires slipping against the wet ice, struggling to gain traction.

Max already has enough to worry about when a strange woman crosses his path, nearly getting struck by his car. She berates him in broken English as she climbs into his vehicle. Irritated at the inconvenience but obligated to help, Max offers to give the woman a ride out of the storm. The treacherous and uncomfortable drive reveals some peculiarities about the woman's character, but the full extent of her bizarre nature isn't revealed until she locks Max out of his house and begins taking over.

Max is in for an anguished battle for survival when the stranger gains the upper hand.

37 pages, 10,800 words.


The Hill of Flies and Naked Corpses

Horror   Short Novel

Dylan has stumbled onto something eerie and terrifying in the woods. Scenes from the apocalypse litter the landscape, leading up to an ominous hill and the ritual invocation site of a mysterious group of cloaked fanatics.

Scared off, Dylan may know well enough to leave the mystery alone, but his daughter, Jean, has other plans. Her curiosity gets the better of her. She finds herself wrapped up in an escalating predicament beyond her control when converging forces of darkness meet, threatening life and limb for all those involved.

Meet the face of terror by venturing to The Hill of Flies and Naked Corpses!

42 pages, 12,000 words.



Pollen, a Short Sci-Fi Story


Sci-Fi   Short Novel

Joren's allergies are kicking into high gear, but there's something very unusual in the pollen this year, and it's got the residents of a lakeside town acting very strangely. His wife Ashley has become obsessed with a new tree that's sprung up in their backyard, and her own behavior is becoming increasingly erratic, almost as if some mysterious force has taken hold of her.

Uncover the sinister secret lurking among the trees by picking up Pollen!

25 pages, 6,195 words.



Evelyn's Children Rural Horror Novel

Evelyn's Children

Horror   Novella

Pain, sharp and searing like the feel of cold steel, aching like a buildup of flames internal, the Greer family is suffering. Billy has gone off wilder than usual on a gasoline huffing binge, and his behavior is becoming increasingly erratic. His Mother has gone mad, engulfed in a religious fervor, bedridden and refusing treatment for the chronic illness that has ravaged her body and mind.

It’s all that Mary can take just to care for her Mother, and now her brother Billy is becoming dangerously unstable. But like vultures encircling a dying animal, there are others seeking to prey on the vulnerability of the Greer family. With few places left to turn, Mary has become the fulcrum beneath the scales of chaos and violence.

A feverish venture of terror and upheaval, uncover the story of Evelyn’s children!

123 pages, 31,325 words.


The Seed Monster Sci-Fi Short Story

The Seed

Sci-Fi   Short Novel

Little Teddy Winters is a curious boy. Surely he'd have to investigate a mysterious black pebble found in his backyard. Imagine his surprise when he finds that the pebble is able to move on its own. Things get stranger when the pebble "bites" Teddy. As retribution for the bite, Teddy decides to feed the strange pebble to his pet goldfish.

Eagerly gobbling up the pebble, the goldfish discovers that this is no ordinary fish food. Something is growing inside. Get The Seed now to learn what disaster a simple goldfish can create when fed an unearthly diet.

37 pages, 9,284 words.



Kara's Window Sci-Fi Short Story

Kara's Window

Sci-Fi   Short Story

Reaching for an escape from the monotony of her world, Kara stumbles backward into her mind to find that the window to another existence is open. Fear abounds when Kara climbs through and learns that it may be more difficult to find a pathway back home.

17 pages, 4,234 words.

Cover art by Kelsey Bowman.



Food for Thought Prospective Fiction

Food for Thought

Sci-Fi   Novel

If you can't afford food, do you starve or do you steal to feed yourself? Or do you sign up for Agritecture's "Food for Thought" initiative, a privatized food-stamp program that requires participants to install nanomachines in their brains?

What becomes of those people who refuse to succumb to starvation, but also refuse to take part in a Machiavellian corporation's desire to reign supreme over the sources of human nourishment?

In Food for Thought, a collective of hackers and ecoterrorists exploit a weakness in Architecture's program, but end up risking irreversible harm to themselves in the process.

264 pages, 66,209 words.